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Current Rates (per cent per annum)

Indicative Policy Rate         4.00
Open Market Operations
Reverse Repurchase Rate (1 Week) 7.00*
Standing Facilities
Overnight Deposit Rate 1.5
Overnight Lombard Rate 10
Government Treasury Bills
28 Day TBills 7.50
91 Day TBills 8.00
182 Day TBills 8.50
364 Day TBills 9.00
Commercial Banks
Deposit Rate 2.25 - 6.50 1.25 - 6.50
Lending Rate 8.00 - 13.00 5.50 - 13.00

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Address by Governor Dr. Azeema Adam at MIBFI Conference - 17 September 2014


Job Opportunity for Assistant Manager - Financial Sector Development Unit

Application form


Keynote Speech by Governor Dr. Azeema Adam at SEZ ge hafaraaiy - maahirunge dhulun forum


Press Release - Calling for designs of Ran Dhihafaheh note series

Ran Dhihafaheh


Balance Sheet - August 2014
The Statement of Financial Position - August 2014


Introducing Ran Dhihafaheh


Press Release regarding the selling of USD 500 per head to those travelling for Hajj in this year


Monthly Statistics Vol.15; No.8 August 2014

Monthly Statistics provides selective economic and financial data as provided by the respective government authorities, commercial banks, and financial institutions operating in the country, public enterprises and private sector sources. This issue of Monthly Statistics contains data available as of 28th August 2014. For excel format and historical data series, please contact Statistics Division at 332 2268 or email to statistics@mma.gov.mv

Monthly Statistics - August 2014


Monthly Economic Review Vol.8; No.8 August 2014

The Monthly Economic Review provides a brief overview of the developments in key sectors of the domestic economy during the month of July 2014.

Monthly Economic Review - August 2014


"Iqthisaadhee Review" Vol.3; No.8 August 2014

"Iqthisaadhee Review" provides a brief overview of the developments in key sectors of the domestic economy, in dhivehi, during the month of July 2014.

Iqthisaadhee Review

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  * Weighted average rate of the latest auction
  Historical Rates
  Ran Dhihafaheh

Ran Dhihafaheh

Monthly Statistics Iqthisaadhee Review

Monthly Statistics - August 2014

Iqthisaadhee Review - August 2014

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Security Features

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